Jan 19 2014

Vera Bradley’s 2010 Colors & Designs

In addition to the new designs that the handbag company are releasing four times per year, each representative of the four seasons, they have also found it a prerogative to introduce seven new styles of their premier handbags and accessories. Each of the seven new styles captures a different personality with their designs and prints. They are called the Signature, Microfiber, Meet Me in Paris, Flower Mesh and Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Sun and Sand and Frill Collections.

This is an overview of Vera Bradley color and patterns that were released the year 2010. First up, here are the latest and newest Winter colors for 2010.

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Not long ago, Vera Bradley introduced four colors for their fall season line up. These Fall Colors for 2010 included Barcelona, Hello Dahlia, Slate Blooms, and Very Berry Paisley.

Vera Bradley's Summer 2010 Color Collection was a hit with its summer designs that captivated the eyes of handbag collectors. From that season, the designs came in colorful and vibrant patterns named Call Me Coral, Simply Violet, Night & Day and Make Me blush. All the designs are available in women accessories, handbags and luggage that tantalize the interests of ladies. Vera Bradley has seen a paramount interest to release such four delightful colors to match the varying personalities of women that are keen on fashion.

Call Me Coral features feminine colors and flowery prints that are suited for teens and young adults. Its design is sure to make the summer more bearable. Next is Simply Violet with its simpering violet hues for the enthusiasts. The many variations of the bag are sure to hold in most of the luggage for those weekend trips to beaches and resorts. Night and Day is a must-have to complete that black-and-white ensemble that is chic and sophisticated without splurging on color. It is fitted for late night gatherings at the office where you can let go of the day’s stressful events just by looking at your precious Vera Bradley bag. Make Me Blush is a staple for those girly girl days when all you want to do is to flaunt the feminine aspect of your personality.

Moreover, Vera Bradley has also stacked up on possible designs that will make it big in spring. Their Spring 2010 Color Collection is composed of four titillating colors to liven up the senses. The colors come in Loves Me, Sittin’ in a Tree, Totally Turq and Poppy Fields. The lushness of spring is captured in all of the four colors printed on Vera Bradley bags, accessories and luggage. In line with the cause of Vera Bradley, every purchase of the Loves Me design is able to add up to the breast cancer fund that they have been known to uphold. Not only are you able to get a bag that is fashionable and hip, you are also saving lives by purchasing this brand new design.

Women who would like to have bags that are able to accommodate their needs without ruining their style will definitely dig these new styles. Microfiber, for one, is able to last longer than most bags with its structured design. That and the fact that it comes in solid colors as well as colorful prints make it a staple to match with any outfit for any occasion. Women that are on the go and active would love the signature and microfiber styles while glamor-chicks would definitely go for the Meet Me in Paris styles.

Each of the handbags and accessories they offer come with a unique personality that represents their being. Flower Mesh and Beach and Frill Collections are best fitted for women and girls that are all feminine and would like to complement their curves with bags that do not ruin their attire. While they may gorge on sundresses and totally matching shoes, the bags that come in cute and girly designs will polish off their persona. Sun and Sand is for the active woman who enjoys the luxury of life without the hassles of everyday living. Just having one of these bags will definitely change your life. It’s like living in the beach with the cool breeze, the inviting sun and the warm water on your back.

Vera Bradley has succeeded in pumping up their designs and colors with stories that can be told without any additional hassle. Each bag carries the legacy of the store and their bags are interpreted in different ways, depending on the woman that is wearing it. Needless to say, it is able to heighten the inner beauty that each and every woman has. Now that you are familiar with all the color patterns and designs for 2010, why not browse around and shop for the best discount sale prices on your favorite Vera Bradley handbags.


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