Nov 17 2013

Jazzy Blooms Handbags for Sale

Jazzy Blooms toteOne of the new Spring 2013 patterns released last January is Vera Bradley's Jazzy Blooms! This beautiful floral pattern consist of bright colorful flowers standing before a medium grey background. If you are eager to have one during the holidays, a few samples have been released and currently available in places such as eBay. The new Jazzy Blooms color pattern has flowers with energetic colors that burst out the floral arrangements against the dark backdrop, The mixture of bright tones of apricot, raspberry, and lemonade creates a lively and expressive theme on the handbags.

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This pattern looks similar to the Va Va Bloom print from the Fall 2012 season but this new pattern is less busy so you can appreciate each individual floral design without becoming overwhelmed. You can carry this bag around to brighten up any cold gloomy days during the Winter season.

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