Jun 04 2012

Vera Bradley Go Round Tote for Sale

vera-bradley-go-round-tote-rosy-posiesThe Vera Bradley Go Round Tote is one of the newest handbags from their signature collection.  This cotton made bag's main feature is its generous slip pockets that surrounds the outside of the bag.  It has a breakway zip closure that allows you to store your belongings securely but keep it accessible at the same time.  The "Go Round Tote" is available in many popular feminine colorful prints that will bring a smile to your face.  Popular colors include Rosy Posies with is pink and red motifs as well as other Spring 2012 colors such as Camellia, Ellie Blue, and Island Blooms.  This bag has many functional purposes with its multiple easy to access storage.  You can use it as a book bag to carry textbooks for school, a travel bag to carry your essentials, or a beach bag to carry your tanning lotion and towels.  A great organizational multi-purpose women's handbag at the right size for a woman on the go!


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