Jan 03 2013

Vera Bradley Moms Day Out Bag for Sale

Just like almost all Vera Bags, the new Mom’s Day Out bag comes with nice wipeable tafetta materials, easily washable. It has a conveniently adjustable strap, so you can wear it across your body or just on your shoulders. The size is adequate enough to get all of mommy’s stuff into the bag. It is perfect for mom’s who still drag toddlers along with them. This bag makes mommies so stylish with its variety of designs.

The bag is also useful not only to mommies but to working single ladies. It enables women to be always ready because they can stuff a lot of things into the bag. The bag also comes with a lot of pockets. It even has pockets for water bottles. It is a highly recommended bag and rated with 5 stars. These bag are available in the new Winter 2012 colors!

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Overall, this is an attractive women's bag styled like a classic handbag, adapted to function with your children in mind.  This is the best choice for moms with little kids on the go.  It features generous pockets located in places where you need them and for hands-free convenience, includes an adjustable cross body strap!

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